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"No organization can survive without successful projects. Projects are the drivers of innovation and change; in fact the only way organizations can change, implement strategy, innovate, or gain competitive advantage is through projects. Projects make organizations better, stronger, and more efficient. Yet in the field of business strategy project management has been largely overlooked."
Shenhar & Dvir, Harvard Business School Press

Many people think of projects as one-off exercises or having something to do with technology. Smart businesses realize that project management is not confined to technology initiatives. Effective businesses leverage the project management approach across a range of disciplines marketing, sales, operations, finance and human resources as projects encourage focus and efficiency.

We provide three approaches to project management:
  1. Project Managers for hire on complex projects;
  2. Using the project management approach and methodology to implement organizational change;
  3. Consulting services on Project/Program Management.
We have worked with clients on a wide range of projects across all disciplines. Given our experience, we bring executive level project and business acumen to complex/high profile initiatives. For some clients that means setting up a framework for their people to work within; for others we can provide an efficient and effective outsourcing capability.
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