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"Negotiation is a mutual decision-making process in which two or more parties make mutual decisions about what resources each will give and take. Negotiation does not just occur in parking lots, or among superpowers; it is woven into the fabric of day-to-day life.  Negotiation is necessary any time you cannot achieve your own objectives without the cooperation of others.  Negotiation is a necessity whenever people are interdependent.  Negotiation is a key communication and influence tool inside and outside the company.  Your negotiation ability is directly related to leadership and promotion.

Unfortunately, most people are not nearly as effective as they could be when they negotiate.  They often reach lose-lose outcomes instead of win-win outcomes; they will walk away from the table, even when they don’t have attractive alternatives;  they unnecessarily escalate conflict; and they sour or damage their relationships.  More than 80% of corporate executives and CEO’s leave money on the table."
Leigh Thompson, Kellogg School of Management

We work with leaders to leverage opportunities to improve business outcomes through the effective use of negotiation strategies.  We work with you to build better outcomes with peers, superiors, customers, direct reports, indirect reports, other staff, internal and external stakeholders.  We work with you to create value (integrative negotiation) and to claim value (distributive negotiation) so that you walk away from any negotiation encounter with the best business outcome. 

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