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"Organizations turn on politics most managers have come to accept that. They recognize that politics are largely endemic to managerial relationships. It is strange then that managers seem to have such wide differences in their view about the relevance of politics to their work. Do politics get in the way of effective management, or are they seen as essential to it? Are they an unnecessary evil, or do they come with the territory? Should they be shunned, or be used to good effect? Political skill can be synonymous with managerial adeptness or can be cynical, self-serving manipulation. In a word, organizational politics are enigmatic.

In the realms of government, politics represent battles over just causes. So long as these causes are principled, and in the interests of others, there is no issue over the legitimacy of politics. Better still, the debate sharpens the quality of the decision making. It is only when politicians are judged to have self-serving motives that the problems set in."
Butcher and Clarke, Cranfield School of Management, UK

Organizational politics are a fact of business life. Any business represents a network of diverse points of view. This diversity of perspectives is the root of creative and competitive tension within any given company. When the competition of perspectives does not find a balance within an organization, political behaviour often occurs.

Recognizing this fact, we work with leaders to help them develop political strategies to assist them with the achievement of their business objectives in a constructive manner. We help leaders to assess the political landscape and tailor a business approach which is politically sensitive and attempts to reconcile competing political interests while still achieving their overriding business objectives.

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