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One-on-one with you; working with leaders to navigate the best path.

In working with businesses experiencing change, we identified a need for assistance when a leader takes on a new role. In response, we developed an implementation framework for leaders in a new mandate. This framework is based upon our years of hands-on experience in the private sector. This framework is scalable and can range from 90 to 180 days depending on the needs of the client.

While working with leaders through the 100 day framework, we found clients increasingly drawing upon us as an informal sounding board and trusted advisor.  In response, we developed an approach which we call executive coaching – with a difference.  We differentiate our approach by focusing on business issues rather than personal issues in our coaching activities.  We recognize that personal issues can never be completely separated from business issues.  After all, every leader is an individual.  But the thrust of our individual coaching is exercised in the context of achieving positive business outcomes.
In our consulting and coaching activities, we have found that leaders in new mandates (also in established mandates) are faced with three distinct challenges as they seek to implement change:

  1. Making good decisions as well as allocating decision rights;
  2. Balancing the interests of stakeholders and managing the organizational politics of change;
  3. Bargaining or negotiating with various internal and external stakeholders to secure buy-in, support, and agreement on a defined course of change.

These are by no means the only challenges faced by leaders but they are areas which present the greatest opportunity for leverage and success and conversely the greatest barriers to timely implementation.

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